10 Quick Tips for Glamourous Photo’s On Your Wedding Day

Use the following tips to create a flawless photo ready look:

1. Create a timeless look (not what’s trendy)

2. Create a healthy appearance – photos can make you look washed out. Use blush or a bronzer in the summer (in a neutral shade) . . . perfect if used on top of cheeks, forehead and over the bridge of the nose.

3. Use a heavier foundation (such as a cream) – layer foundation and powder on face

4. Foundation on neck and chest (skin appears too white if there is no coverage)

5. Good coverage of translucent powder

6. Concealer – not too light a color (medium at least) and blend well

7. With what is left on sponge – BLEND!! No raccoon eyes!

8. Use little to NO shimmer or frost on eyes or lips – they catch light and reflect to make features too large, causing shadows and may add age

9. Use neutral (brown or beige) on eyes (no blue) – you want contouring – NOT color

10. If not sure if you have yellow or blue undertones, use neutral makeup (shadow, blush and lipstick)

By Linh Ventura | www.kisbridalservices.com

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