Airbrush Makeup vs Traditional Makeup

Airbrush Makeup

I’ve always said that the best way to see the advantages of airbrush makeup over traditional makeup is to first use it and then look at the results. Many brides are now requesting to have their makeup airbrushed for their wedding day. Well, what is airbrush and what’s the difference from traditional makeup? Both applications will give you a flawless look if you’re using quality products and applying them correctly, but the main difference is transferability. Airbrush makeup does not transfer onto anything…like your new husbands tuxedo shirt! I will compare them a little more:

Traditional makeup (applied by hand using your fingers, a sponge or makeup brush) is not very forgiving when it comes to imperfections and someone that doesn’t know the proper way to apply the makeup with a sponge or brush. It could leave a person’s face looking cakey, blotchy and possible start “running” at the first signs of water. There is traditional makeup that is water resistant to help prevent this. If applied correctly and if you’re not touching your face or crying tears of joy then you should look flawless for up 6 hours. Side note: The cost of getting traditional makeup applied is considerably less than airbrush makeup.

Traditional makeup application with a brush can cause streaks whereas airbrush makeup will fill any pores and cover lines evenly on your skin giving flawless coverage that looks more natural. With airbrush makeup you can achieve flawless coverage for up to 20 hours because it sprays a fine mist, which sits evenly over the skin as opposed to brushing and rubbing makeup into your skin.

AIRBRUSH APPLICATION is a specialized technique of applying makeup using an airbrush gun to finely mists on foundation giving you a natural and flawless picture perfect complexion. Airbrush foundations are typically high in coverage, but thin in texture. Since the makeup is distributed in micro-fine layers using an airbrush gun vs. a makeup brush or facial sponge, the end results appear more natural and pure. Skin imperfection like redness, age spots, sun damage, enlarged pores, and acne scars are hidden by using minimal product so there is no caked on look. Because the airbrush pattern is micro-fine, it photographs far more evenly and offers a flawless finished look. The airbrush pattern will not leave behind outlines or ragged edges typical of makeup brushes or sponges. This is important because marks that are not recognizable to the human eye may be noticeable in hi-definition and high-resolution digital photography.

 Airbrush makeup is intended to last. Even people with greasy or acne prone skin will get results from the longevity of airbrush makeup. The coverage, texture, consistency and durability provided by airbrush makeup results in a flawless complexion that stands up to the scrutiny of hi-definition and high image resolution digital photography. This is key to the use of airbrush makeup, not just because it’s trendy. Guaranteed in the wrong hands airbrush makeup will still look bad, but in the hands of a real professional the benefits out weigh the cost.

The Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

  • Lasts up to 20 hours. There is no need for touch-ups
  • Custom Color Blending for perfect color matching
  • Your skin looks perfect and fresh all day – no matter how hot or humid it is
  • Creates a flawless complexion, which equals photographic perfections
  • Seamless Contouring and Highlighting to accent your most beautiful features
  • It does not rub off or transfer to your clothes
  • It does not cake, smear or melt away
  • Lightweight looks and feel


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