Bride and Bridesmaid Wedding Day Makeup

The time of the ceremony: Is it a day or evening wedding? If it’s a day wedding, a lighter and more natural look (the best version of you) works better and a more dramatic look is amazing to frame your face for an evening wedding.

Remember your makeup should be a little more dramatic than your everyday make-up as you can tend to look pale and washed-out in photos if your makeup doesn’t stand out.

Bride’s face: Foundations with yellow undertones work best with flash photography.

Keep away from using too much shimmer highlighters as this look will not show up well in photos and give a reflective shine. Use a light dusting of translucent powder to prevent any unwanted shine. But, you shouldn’t look flat – your face should have dimensions (highlight on the cheekbones). 
Use a bronzing powder to warm your skin tone and give a natural glow. Place on areas where the sun would naturally hit e.g. Forehead, cheeks and bridge of nose. If you want to contour your skin, skip the bronzer because bronzer AND contouring just makes you look muddy brown. So either contour OR bronze . . . never both!

Bride’s typical wedding eye makeup: The eye-area should be soft and natural with no heavy, dark lines. Keep away from up to the minute eyeshadows and make-up trends as you will regret it when you look at your photos in years to come! Use a brow pencil slightly lighter than your hair color and avoid heavy, dark shadows.

 Bridesmaid typical eye makeup tips:

  • Make sure your choice of makeup shades is a little different from the bride, it is her special day and she should be unique.
  • Your makeup shades should not clash with your dress color. For example: if your dress is maroon, opt for cooler pinkie browns or neutral browns, rather than orangey browns or peach.
  • Use waterproof mascara.
  • Adapt your make-up look for the time of day – lighter for day weddings and darker and more glam for late afternoon or evening weddings.
  • Have a small bag of touch up products on hand for the event.
  • Your makeup does not need to match the other bridesmaids, as long as a general theme is achieved – for example glamorous look or a more natural day look. FYI: Remember individuals can interpret the word “glamorous” or “natural” differently. The bridal party to should follow these rules of thumb. Not to take away from individuality, but the pictures look that much nicer when one particular makeup or hairstyle doesn’t overstate another.

If using a lip-liner use the same color as your lipstick and avoid a noticeable or dark lip line. The color on your lips will depend on whether you are a warm or cool color palette. It is more flattering to define one area i.e. if you want dark, defined eyes, go for a lighter lip shade and if you want dark/bright lips go for natural, light eyes.

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