Bridesmaid DILEMMA! Should my makeup match my dress?

Good grief NO . . . your eye makeup should be something that enhances your eyes and skin tone. It also should not be dark enough to show up as a specific color – if it does it is not blended properly. I have worked so many weddings where more often then not there is always a bridesmaid, MOB, or MOG who had to do their own makeup . . . which is perfectly fine if they all go for a classic and natural beauty look instead of something trendy that have to match their purple or red dress. Remember individuals can interpret the word “natural” differently. Not to take away from individuality, but the pictures look that much nicer when one particular makeup or hairstyle doesn’t overstate another.

The best advice I can give is to keep your colors light, natural, and modern (but not too trendy). In general, while your bridesmaid’s dress should complement your makeup — always match your makeup to you, and NOT the dress. For instance if purple doesn’t look good on you, having a purple dress won’t change that.  Just stick with a neutral palette . . . you’ll feel comfortable and will look great! Also remember that you will look back at the pictures years from now and do you really want to say, “What the H-E double L was I thinking?!”

So, unless you’re a Goth, rock star, or celebrity – I would highly recommend using neutral colors naturally found in human skin and hair. All of us have some elements of peach, pink, and gold to our skin and using these hues for your makeup will give you a radiant glow, and accentuate your coloring nicely. Also, put the focus on your best feature — your pretty eyes or gorgeous lips will surely be a showstopper! (Well without taking any attention away from the bride, of course!)

By Linh Ventura |

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