How To Cover Blemishes

Believe or not the best way to treat skin blemishes is to leave them uncovered and makeup free, allowing them to heal naturally. However, in many cases that is just not possible. You might have an interview, a date or it’s your WEDDING DAY where having blemish-free skin is vital! Learning how to conceal acne is tricky. Too much or improperly applied makeup will only make your skin look worse. And the last thing you want to do is draw attention to that pimple! But how do you cover blemishes?!!

Starts by gently cleaning your skin with a daily face wash then follow with a moisturizer. The kind you use is up to you – it can be over-the-counter, medicated, non-medicated or prescription. However, the best options will be perfume free, alcohol free and non-comedogenic. When you are preparing your skin to conceal acne, be careful not to pop any pimples or open existing breaks in your skin.

1. Make sure the area is really well moisturized. I would even exfoliate in the shower then apply an appropriate moisturizer right after.  Makeup in general doesn’t sit well on dry skin, this is even more applicable for broken out skin.

2. Foundation. If you’re using it apply with a clean sponge or brush.

3. Using your ring finger or brush, gently blot a concealer that is your exact skin match or a shade lighter onto the spot over and over until completely blended. Never rub it into the skin.

4. Take a setting powder and using a sponge, PRESS gently into the area.  Bobbi Brown makes a nice creamy concealer kit but Dermablend – Quick-Fix Concealer (it’s super long lasting) works best for me. You can repeat steps 3 and 4 once more if you want even more coverage. Make sure to check your results in natural and indoor lighting to make sure your makeup does not appear too thick. The last thing you want to do is accent your acne blemish or look like you are wearing a mask.

5. With a powder brush, gently dust powder all over your face to set your makeup (this step is crucial as it will keep your makeup in place and long lasting).

After you have covered your blemish, continue with your makeup application as usual. At the end of the day, make sure to completely wash your face and remove ALL your makeup. Never ever sleep with your makeup on your skin! Not washing your skin completely and sleeping with makeup will block pores. And you WILL continue to get more and more ZITS!

By Linh Ventura |

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