Linh’s Best Kept Secrets to Beautiful Makeup

Prep Work

I encourage you to start with the best possible skin in order for makeup to go on smoothly and look great. Keeping your eyebrows well groomed and using a daily moisturizer at night and morning with SPF to keep the skin nourished. Different types of skin require different preparation. I strongly suggest using a primer to fill in pores and fine lines for a smoother complexion. Follow up with liquid foundation. If your skin is naturally oily, use oil-free powder-based products to help eliminate shine. I also suggest using a translucent powder, because a colored powder will get streaky on oily skin.


A little bit of blush on the cheeks will keep you looking youthful and lively. Powder blush is a safe bet and is easy to apply. A pink-coral hue is flattering on most people. The key is to blend the blush because any streaking or lines will make it look very artificial. Cream blushes go on smooth skin very well and can blend well. Cheek stains are great for people who want a very natural look. Stain must be blended quickly because it sets quickly. But it’s worth it because you will have an all-day, no-fade blushed look.


Eyebrows are often overlooked as part of a makeup routine but a well-groomed brow can make a huge difference for your look. I urge going for a natural look and to strictly avoid over-plucking. The arch of the eyebrow should slightly diagonally up from the pupil. To find where the brow should end, draw an imaginary line diagonally up from the corner of the eye. The inside of the brow should begin up from the tear duct. Pluck any stray hairs that fall outside of these boundaries. Use a brow brush to brush the hairs upward. Then use a pencil or brow powder in a color a few shades lighter than your hair color to fill in any sparse areas. Set the brows with a clear mascara.


Your eyes should be the focus of your face. Always use a highlight color on your brow bones and corner of the eyes. This will instantly brighten them. If you are in a hurry or don’t want to use more makeup, this is the one step you should do. Curling your lashes can make a huge difference and will add drama. Follow that up with a couple coats of mascara. If your mascara tends to smudge, you can skip the lower lashes or use a waterproof mascara. To make your eyes pop, choose a shadow color that is the opposite of your eye color. I would also recommend investing in high-quality makeup brushes. They really are worth the extra cost because of their blending ability and durability.

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