Makeup Don’ts 101

With all the recommended methods, trends and styles in cosmetics…there are always a few rules that were made to NEVER be broken. Some of the best makeup advice you can follow deals with what not to do. Mistakes are hard to hide when they’re on your face!

The first makeup offense: foundation. This mistake begins before make up is ever applied. You need to prepare your face for your cosmetics. Never put makeup on dirty skin. For the best results you need to wash, exfoliate and moisturize each morning before you even touch your cosmetics.

Never use a foundation that is drastically different than your skin tone. If you cannot make an exact match, remember that a slightly lighter tone is always much more flattering than slightly darker one.

Never forget to blend your foundation around the curves of the face and over and under the chin. Skipping this step will make you look like you’re wearing a flesh-colored mask. It’s always noticeable and incredibly unflattering.

Never, ever wear foundation by itself. Foundation gives you an even and smooth base, but also makes your face appear monotone (aka washes out!). Even if it’s just a dab of blush, you need to replace the natural color variation to bring the life and vitality back to your appearance.

Blush is another cosmetic that needs to be properly blended after application. Harsh streaks across your cheeks are never flattering, not even on a fashion runway. There should never be a visible, solid line between the color of your blush and the color of your skin.

Avoid wearing lipstick if you have chapped lips. The color enhances your chapped skin and makes your lips look horrible. Most lipsticks also end up drying your lips and making the condition worse, even if they claim to moisturize. If you must have color, use a deep conditioning product with a light, natural shade.

The biggest makeup sin most women make is not removing their cosmetics at the end of the day. You should never sleep in your makeup…it’s terrible for your skin in every way. This means you not only need to wash off oil and cosmetics with a cleanser, but you also need to make sure all eyeliner and mascara is also removed.

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