Perfect Eyebrows on Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day and in your photographs you want to look your best. Eyebrows frame your face and it can be the first thing that people notice when they look at you depending on what you have done to them. The shape of your eyebrows can enhance your appearance or ruin it. Whatever your brow shape it will drastically change the appearance of your face so that is why you should always flatter your facial features and especially your eyes by choosing the shape that is right for your face. There are many thicknesses and shapes in which you can tweeze your brows. However, the thicker the brow, the better!

Some people who have naturally thick or medium brows who decide to have the thinner brow will rarely pull it off as the thinner brow will draw too much attention, can also age the face by up to ten years and can also give you the appearance of looking harsh. Then there are a few women with naturally thicker brows who can look more elegant with the thinner brows.

Thicker eyebrows are strong and bold and give the face a lot more character and definition. They give your face a youthful appearance and balance out your features. The best brow shapes are those, who have kept their natural shape as that is what will suit your face the best. For example, someone who is born with thin brows cannot grow them thicker, so therefore as a guideline it is usually better to stick to what your brow is like naturally.

If you continuously over pluck your brows, you run the risk of your brows never growing back, or growing back with bald patches or even sparse hairs (I see this ALL the time!). You should NEVER EVER tweeze your brows from the top. The hairs, which are on top, are what give definition to your face. There will be people that tell you that it is a myth but the top should be left un-tweezed.

Important eyebrows tip on your wedding day:

When it comes to brows makeup – please use a color that is a few shades lighter then your natural brow color, never use the same or darker shade as your brows will be much too severe and will overpower everything else on your face. If your brows are very light to almost invisible, use a shade or two darker but apply with a very soft touch. Please remember that on your big day you want your eyebrows to retain their shape and give your face character.  As long as you keep your brows as close as to their natural shape as possible with a good definition and shape you cannot go wrong and remember to PLEASE PLEASE NEVER tweeze from the top!

By Linh Ventura |

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