Spray tan tips for that special day!

When you get a wedding spray tan, you have to take so many different factors into consideration. For example…I saw some wedding photos of one of my brides. She looked fantastic, but something was sooo off. Her husband was so pale, he looked sick next to her. It looked as if he had a terminal illness, and she was marrying him for pity! The ceremony only takes one day, but the photos last FOREVER. Even though the day belongs to the bride, it makes a lot of difference if the whole wedding party is coordinated!

First and foremost – get a Baiden Mitten ($49). There is nothing that exfoliates your skin better than this little glove. The spray tan goes on more evenly and lasts longer if your skin is very well exfoliated. FYI …the same rule applies for your everyday AND wedding day makeup (of course you wouldn’t use the Baiden Mitten on your face but instead a good facial exfoliator)

Make sure that the solution has as little bronzer as possible. The best one is totally clear. If there is a bronzer, there is more chance of streaks, and there is also a strong chance that bronzer will get into your pores. When you will sweat in your wedding dress, you will get brown stains on the inside of it, especially in the places that your dress is tight.

Don’t get a TAN, get a glow. Dark tan just does not look good with a white wedding dress. The effect you should be aiming for is a light, golden hue. So subtle, that your guests will be commenting on how radiant you look, not how good your fake tan is! Have a lightest wedding spray tan possible. The effect will be just a glow, that will make your eyes sparkle, your hair shine, and will give you the brightest smile ever because your teeth will appear whiter. Never, ever be tempted to get a dark tan! It just looks odd, and if anything goes wrong, it will be too hard to repair.

Make sure, that you take extra care with your hands and feet when spray tanning. Hands and feet usually take on more solution, because the skin there is dryer than the rest of the body. Before you get your wedding spray tan, you should spread a barrier cream evenly over hands and feet (don’t forget between the toes), you can also put some on your elbows and knees.

Aside from the bride and groom, spray tan members of your wedding party. It is sooooo worth it! If you have to save on something, make bridesmaids’ dresses simpler, with a spray tan anything they wear will look even better!

Make sure you purchase a bottle of touch up solution. Very, very important. A wedding spray tan should be better than perfect. Some small imperfections might have to be repaired…having it on hand will give you peace of mind on your wedding day.

Have your wedding spray tan 2 days before the big day. Spray tan takes about 24 hours to develop fully, so if you are having your wedding in the morning, it is best to give it time to set properly over the day before. Have your spray tan in the afternoon two days before. So if any repairs are needed, you will have enough time to do it.

Have a trial run. If you never had a spray tan, it is not really an option to skip this step. Spray tan solution is a cosmetic. It’s best to know beforehand how it will react with your skin. Take no chances, and have a trial run. Buy the touch up solution at that time as well, so you can experiment and be confident about repairs on the wedding day.

Have your wedding spray tan in the same salon that your trial.
Don’t just think, “Well, my skin reacts well to spray tan”. Different solution might have different effects! Make sure you spray tan with the same solution that you were happy with.

Take photos of yourself with your tan after the trial.
For the REAL perfectionists. This way you will see what your skin will look like on your wedding photos.

Wedding spray tan is becoming more and more popular, I think it’s really worth the effort, as it will give you that perfect glow without the damaging rays!

By Linh Ventura | www.kisbridalservices.com

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