Watch Out! Avoidable and All Too Common Wedding Day Make-Up Mistakes

Who doesn’t want to have perfect makeup on their wedding day? But a bad judgment call can compromise the entire photo album for the bride. Here are a few things that you have to take into account and should avoid in order to have a timeless bridal look . . .

  • Way too much makeup. KEEP IT SIMPLE (k.i.s.) and you will make a striking impact. The wedding is a grand celebration but why make your face look grander than the celebration itself?
  • Lack of foundation! Even if you have perfect skin, it’s not going to end up looking that great in pictures if you don’t apply some foundation. Using foundation is the key of a successful picture.
  • Sucker for trends. If you want to have a timeless, classic and natural face on your wedding photos – too much shine and glitter should NOT be applied on your face. Go for matte and neutral tones in your wedding make up. Remember that you’ll want to look back at photos and think “ahhh” not “yuck! What was I thinking?!”
  • Makeup that just isn’t you. If you never wear a stitch of makeup, don’t walk down the aisle or show up at a party looking like you just lost a fight with a Dag Queen. Look like you, only fresher.
  • Matchy Matchy. It will be more beneficial to allow your bridesmaids to keep their individuality and wear make up that looks good on them. And PLEASE don’t ask them to apply purple eye shadow so that it could match the purple dresses. Use harmonizing color families instead.
  • It’s just NOT for you. The look on a model’s face in a magazine won’t necessarily look good on you. So don’t have such demands. Wear a look that compliments you.
  • Extra shining cheeks. All brides want to have dewy cheeks on their wedding day. However, this can look greasy on photos. Instead try to use a little highlighting on your cheekbones or eyes but don’t apply it to the whole face.

Panic Beauty. It’s your wedding after all…hope you can at least steal some time for it. But what commonly happens in these situations is that skin erupts, teeth become over sensitive and faux tans look fake. Don’t keep anything for the last minute fix. Get appointments for hair, skin or teeth a month before the wedding.

By Linh Ventura |

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