Wedding Day Makeup Timeline!

Scheduling the timeline for your wedding day can be a daunting task.  Trying to plan how it will all come together may drive a normally sane person to the point of insanity!  If you don’t have a wedding planner or day of coordinator, you can definitely find lots of information online.

Your makeup services will need to be worked into the day’s activities and events.  Be sure to allow enough time to have everyone’s makeup completed.  No one should be rushing around at the last minute trying to get ready.

Allowing approximately 45 minutes per person will give you plenty of breathing room.  If you provide each lady with a scheduled time for her makeup, and advise them to be on time and ready, you will find everything will flow smoothly. Personally I have no preference when it comes to applying makeup before or after the hair is styled.  Some makeup artists may feel otherwise so be sure to coordinate the times with the hairstylists too.

Also ask the girls who will be having their makeup done to wear an easy to remove shirt or robe so they won’t risk the chance of smudging their makeup when they change into their dresses.  I always stress to make sure everyone has eaten and brushed their teeth prior to their makeup application so they won’t ruin their lip color once it’s been applied.

Coordinate your timeline schedule with your photographer.  Many brides choose to have pre-ceremony photos done and you want to allow enough time before you need to be at the church or venue.  Some brides decide to have pictures taken while they are getting dressed and having their makeup applied.  You will need to work this in with the photographer’s schedule so you’ll have the photos you want.

Please try to avoid any last minute errands or venue set up and assigns these tasks to someone who will not be having her makeup done.  I spend countless wasted precious moments waiting for a bridesmaid or mother of the bride/groom to sit in my makeup chair because she is busy placing rose petals on the table or on her cell giving instructions to this or that person.

Being well prepared is a key to staying relaxed and stress free on your wedding day.  Sticking to your timeline will keep everything flowing smoothly.

By Linh Ventura |

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